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Send problem in Outlook

Hi forum.  have been having real problems with mail using outlook.  Webmail working fine.  Couldn't send or receive emails.  tried advice from forums about changing password etc.  Nothing worked.  then 'miraculously' a week ago i could send and receive emails.  then today i discovered that emails i wrote yesterday and today have not sent.  I can receive but can't send.  changed password and still same problem.  Used another email account in outlook and no issues.  Problem is only with Btinternet mail.  Any help/advice gratefully received.  thanks

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Re: Send problem in Outlook

Are you a BT Broadband customer or are you paying for your email address through a BT Premium email account?

If you are a BT Broadband customer was the email account set up from that BT Broadband account or have you previously left BT for another provider and subsequently returned to BT and the email account was set up on the "old"  BT Broadband account?

Which email app are you using?

The correct settings are as per this link. Can you confirm that you are using those settings.

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Re: Send problem in Outlook

Hi - thanks for the reply.    have used btinternet for my private email for over 20 years.  Always used outlook and occasionally webmail when no access to my laptop .

Thanks for the link but no real help.  It gives the IMAP settings for incoming mail but not for outgoing mail.  In any case, it was all wet up and working fine and i haven't changed the settings other than the password.  Sending/receiving Outlook changed about a month ago from 'working fine' to not working, hence changing passwords as advised in the forum.  No joy - still not sending and receiving.  Then about a week or so ago I could suddenly send and receive.....which was great......then 2 days ago outlook suddenly stopped sending emails - but I can receive emails with no problem.  

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Re: Send problem in Outlook

The link does give the settings for out going:-

It is the SMTP setting.

Outgoing Mail Server:

Port: 465 (this may not be automatically populated on selecting SSL, so you'll need to check)

You did not answer my question about if you are a BT customer or not.

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Re: Send problem in Outlook

Thanks again. Outgoing settings are correct.  I am not  a general BT customer (phone/broadband etc) . but i have BT premium email.

Bizarrely, having not changed anything, emails started sending again just now....

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