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Sending email via the iPhone

Suspect this may have been covered somewhere before, but can't find anything. I can receive emails on my iPhone, but can't send them. Have tried setting up SMTP host as with my email address as the user name and my password. But just doesn't verify. Error message is "The SMTP server '' is not responding. Check...blah blah blah". Can anyone help please?

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Re: Sending email via the iPhone

I have my email address set up on my iPhone and it's functioning properly. I am using as my servers with no problem.


Here are my settings verbatim so you can compare:


Account - ON


POP account information


Name - your name

Address -

Description -


incoming mail server


Host name -

User name -

Password - yourpassword


Outgoing mail server







Deleted Messages


Remove - After one day


Incoming Settings


Use SSL - Off

Authentication - Password

Delete from server - Never

Server port - 110


Hopefully this has been some help to you.

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Re: Sending email via the iPhone

Thanks for the response. I double checked the settings and had exactly the same as you. The problem seemed to be the SMTP server not responding. So just to try something different I turned off Wifi on the phone and tried to set up a new account. Suddenly it worked. Turned Wifi back on. Didn't work. Rebooted phone. Everything works!


Also set up my wife's account last night on her iPhone. No trouble at all.


Technology can be weird at times...and very frustrating with it!

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Re: Sending email via the iPhone

If you want your BT internet mail to be pushed to your iphone then the best option is to delete the account you have setup and then use the Yahoo mail setup for your BT internet mail.
Simply fill in your details with "" the password and let it download the settings automatically. REMEMBER to setup the account with WIFI turned off and allow it to setup on 3G, EDGE or GPRS - this ensures everything will work. Sometimes you have to click to get it to work a couple of times but once the settings are downloaded, you can go back into the mail settings and select push email so it goes directly to your phone (more or less) as it arrives in your inbox.
Something else to remember is that this service is setup as a kind of IMAP service on your phone and hence delete the email from the inbox on the phone deletes it from the mail server so don't do that if you want to download your emails to your main PC.
Hope that helps,

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