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Series Record Problem


Hi All


I have recently upgraded from the old vision + to a Humax youview + box. 

Last Saturday I set a series record from the TV guide to record Dr Who at 7.45pm on BBC1.

Not only has the box set a series record for this ok, but it has decided to set one for the re-run on BBC2 today at 3.35pm and again on BBC3 tonight at 7.15pm, non of which I programmed ! I only set it for the Saturday on BBC1.


Is there any way of fixing this issue other than finding out after it has done all the recordings and then having to go and cancel all the scheduled ones I dont want ?


Thanks in advance

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Re: Series Record Problem

Are these being listed in the "Scheduled" list? Or are you seeing the little red R symbol in the EPG for those channels and those times? If you look closely you should see a little tick mark on the R to indicate it is an episode it has already recorded and it won't actually record it again.

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Re: Series Record Problem

This is one of troubles of the software that no one has fixed yet in that the box will place a red circle by all repeated showing of recorded programes on channels that look very like .... You will see a difference with red circle that has two lines to the right for recordings set and other is a red circle with a tick to show that you recorded on the box.


I feel it's handy the box shows extra opions to record the same show, BUT it should be another colour like green circle if the recording was done OK and Yellow if you should record again if only part due over run of show before or it just did not record like many people report so often that no one has given why the is ?



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