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Seriously peeved. When do you say enough is enough?

2 months ago, I moved house, took BT phone and broadband with me.  Person taking the new details didn't put in to keep same number (which I very clearly asked for), BT tried to charge me £25 for the "privilege" of keeping the same number.  Took 3 phone calls and reading off the BT website to show that the charge should not apply as I kept my number.  Not impressed but at least sorted.


Since moving I've had intermittent connection issues with my broadband.  During the first call a line check was performed and found a fault which was supposedly corrected.  Problem remained.


Second call resulted in line check, check master socket, check filter etc. etc. but to no effect.


Third call made, same checks made and although the advisor said he promised I would have no more problems this too had no effect.


Fourth call which was the most interesting.  Indian bloke tried to get me to do the tests again.  I refused stating that they'd been done before and there was no point doing them again.  Interestingly, he then said that their system did not show notes so he had no record of me phoning and performing these tests before.  Surely he was either wrong or this is just an insane way of providing help to your customers.  My favourite part was when he said he would personally take responsibility for my problem.  I did chuckle at that, especially when he said he'd call me back the next day to see how I got on.


The next day someone else called to say they'd made changes at the exchange and I'd had a stable connection for 9½ hours and they'd call again after 24 hours of stable connection.  I knew I'd be in watching the Grand Prix so agreed a time when it was on.  Surprise, surprise, no call from BT or my new personal assistant.


A missed call on my phone Monday at 9:02 when I was at work asking me to call back if I was still having problems.  Home Monday night for my wife to tell me there hadn't been a connection at 4pm so router reset by her.  I had to do it 3 times between 6pm and 7:30 so another call to BT.  This person also took personal responsibility for my problem but soon had me on hold for over 10 minutes while she transferred me to the "very busy" technical department.


I've never been able to run the test at to see my Line Profile so asked this person for my service ID (as recommended by the site) and they said it is the same as my phone number.  Wrong!  Putting that in the service ID box brings up a pop up asking for a valid service id.  She then passed the buck saying the person in the technical department would be able to tell me and put my in the queue.


When I did finally get through to this person and went through the whole process of confirming who I am, where I live, what my phone number is and once again if I am the primary account holder (luckily, I still was) though it did take her 3 attempts to get my phone number right.  Hardly filling me with confidence that this person will finally be able to sort out my problem.


In fairness, this person did book an engineer which I had only been asking for since my third phone call since the equipment and set up is the same as at the old place I assumed it was their problem, not mine and she then went off because she thought she saw a problem with my account and put my on hold until *click* at 48:47 (according to my phones call counter) the line went dead.


I really hope the engineer can sort this out because it's been 2 months of intermittent connections, frequent router resets and if not, there has to be something that says BT will provide me with a reliable connection that I can use to leave their useless "service" and go to a company that actually cares for its customers rather than using them as cash generating machines.


Whatever the result, I'll certainly be pushing for a couple of months free broadband for the aggro caused and time wasted.


Shame really because I'd budgeted to get BT Vision once we were moved in but unless the engineer can sort out the speed too (0.9Mbps down on the old house on the same exchange but in a house closer to it) I don't think I can be bothered.


Thanks for listening to my rant.  I feel much better now.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Seriously peeved. When do you say enough is enough?

Hi SteveDM,


Ok well if an engineer is on the way this is probably the best course of action here.  If you can send me in an email I can make sure that everything is going according to plan and keep in touch with you until we have this cracked.


Could you drop me in an email please with your BT account and telephone number along with a link back to this thread.

Just send using the contact us form in my profile under the 'about me' section.



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