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Server rejection of email sub account passwords.


In addition to my principle BT Yahoo email account address, I have a further 3 sub accounts which are used by my family. In the last 24hours or so, the mail clients used on all our computers/tablets (Windows Mail Live, Thunderbird & Android) have all been unable to recieve email on the sub accounts. For some reason the principle account email address is working fine. At least two of these sub accounts have been in use for at least 5 years and i know the passwords off by heart. I have also gone through the BT recommended settings countless times without any successs. I have also just come off the BT Tech helpline (0800 1114567)  who could not offer any explaination why i could not log on to my sub accounts.


Is this problem a consequence of the seperation of BT and Yahoo, or I read somewhere that too many devices trying to access the email servers at the same time can lock the email address. If so how do i unlock them


Thanks for reading

Mike Carroll

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Re: Server rejection of email sub account passwords.

Welcome to the forum.The problem has been around for a long time, and is more likely a reason for the dumping of Yahoo! than a consequence of it. It usually rights itself eventually and it's sometimes possible to cure it simply by logging into webmail to view your mailbox. Otherwise there's no known cure in advance of the new email platform.

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