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Service Activation or more lack of!

Hi, I don’t know who to ask or speak to.


I was told my service would be activated on the 15th... installed as normal and nothing. No activation, called up the day after, and was told for the 18th. Again, nothing.

Called up on the 18th, was told today. The 21st. Again, absolutely nothing.

Literally cannot get through to BT customer service whatsoever. Do they even have staff?

Honestly, with having no internet inside the first week of a “contract” I’m at my wits end. It’s shocking service. 

Any ideas? As I can’t get through to anybody who works for BT. The expected 30 minute call is taking well over an hour and still nothing.

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Re: Service Activation or more lack of!

does your phone work - got a dial tone

are you getting FTTP or FTTC ?

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Re: Service Activation or more lack of!

Yes, dial tone all working.


unsure about FTTC/P?


how would I find out?


router is just flashing purple.


I’m Fuming. 






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