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Service outage Chester 01244

Infinity been down since Tuesday early evening.  I rang BT on the number my homehub gave me when I tried to re-connect.  3 phone calls and 45 minutes later I got to speak to a human who told me to ring the automated phone service for an update (This was useless).  The next night I rang again and was given a link to this page:


The estimated time to resolve column just keeps being missed every day and every hour they change it.


I see Malvern has had problems since the 14th, I hope the Chester issue does not drag that long.


Is there a number to call for someone who is clued-up?



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Re: Service outage Chester 01244

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FTTH intermittent fault - Chester - BT Wholesale page appearing

Good evening all,


Ever since the Tuesday night (I think) where we lost the connection for the evening and night I've been having the BT Wholesale page intermittently appear whilst browsing. I've power cycled everything several times and it's not going away. Up until that day my service here has been absolutely faultless since we moved in a year ago.



I would phone the Help Desk but after 63 minutes on the phone I was told that I should have checked with the major services number to find out if there was an issue. I asked if the issue was on the major services announcement and the same gentleman told me that it actually wasn't. I don't have much faith in them at the moment.


Any suggestions?

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