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Setting up VPN on BT Home Hub 5



I am trying for weeks now, is to set up the VPN service which allows the connections from our network to be delivered out, and using this would be a great benefit for me and my users to access our internet whilst were abroad or out and about and needed to access out files and information.


We have a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine running along this and it says it needs to open up port 80 and 443 and UPnP service is not running (which it is on the HH5), also it is being detected that I have many routers and access points (which I only have the server connected straight to the Hub). However not in this cause... I do need to open up some more ports such as 1723 and etc. So as I went to the HH5 Manager, opened some ports and then go back to the server and finds out that the ports were not open. By the way, I would like to open the ports by IP and not using the game/application or device select dropdown (mostly required for advanced users).


What should I do next, much help and support would be much appreciated!


Best regards,


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Re: Setting up VPN on BT Home Hub 5

Assuming you are talking about the same setup as in your other post the solution would appear to be ditch the Hub and use your TP-Link.

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Re: Setting up VPN on BT Home Hub 5

Hi Liam,


I haven't replied much on here as I have been talking to your on the other post. But to ditch the Home Hub 5 could be necessary but as I last replied on the other post , talking about getting a VPN router for the other network might do the solution (not sure yet) but, as I go away or use it somewhere far away from home, I could possibly switch it over.

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