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Setup Asus DSL-AC68U/R with VOIP and FTTP

I did use a CAT7 RJ45 cable from the RJ45 (LAN1) on the FTTP box straight to a BT Smart Hub 2 (input on WAN RJ45 port). This works. But I want a Router than allows openVPN to be flashed to the router. I do not think that this is not allowed on the BT Smart Hub 2.

I have BT FTTP box (labels: huawei 021706) with battery backup. This box has a RJ45 (LAN) or a telephone (Tel1) WAN output. I have voice over fibre with a Digital Voice service. 

The Asus DSL-AC68U router can have openVPN flashed to it.

I have bought this Asus DSL-AC68U router. I have tried using a telephone to RJ11 cable to connect the DSL input on the Asus router to a splitter. This splitter has a telephone output to the Te1 input on the FTTP box. 

I have connected both the BT Smart Hub 2 and the Asus router, using the splitter and RJ11/telephone cable to the Tel1 on the FTTP box and there is no signal. Is this because Tel1 is disabled because of voice over fibre?

Asus do have a guide on how to configure their DSL routers so that one of their LAN ports becomes a LAN port. I have tried following this guide but it does not work. This guide is at: After making these changes the Quick Setup still wants to detect a DSL connection (by default) which is not present.

Error 'ISP DCHP does not function properly'

The old (original) copper cable for the old Broadband has been disabled by BT.



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Re: Setup Asus DSL-AC68U/R with VOIP and FTTP

You haven't got a DSL connection, you have FTTP. The Tel1 port on the ONT was for Openreach FVA service which has been withdrawn.

If you have digital voice via BT then you must use the smart hub.

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Re: Setup Asus DSL-AC68U/R with VOIP and FTTP

You have the wrong device, the DSL AC68U is a modem/router, you only need a router as the ONT is the modem. You really need the RT version of any Asus router rather than DSL version.

If one of the ports can be configured as a WAN port on the device you have, then connect the ONT to that and configure the PPPoE details on the ASUS as username and password BT.

As @pippincp says, BT Digital Voice won't work with the ASUS but you can use a third party VOIP provider if you wish.

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