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Severe interference on landline

Two weeks ago I reported a fault on our landline. On both incoming and outgoing calls there was severe interference on the line in the form of loud crackling.

An automated voice informed me that the line would be checked and that we would receive a call. Within minutes I received another automated call telling me that there was not a fault on the line. If I wished an engineer could be called but it would cost us about £70 !!

Firstly, I fail to accept that a proper check on our landline could be undertaken so quickly and secondly, I resent having to pay for an engineer to come and do a proper check on the line. I accept that there might be a fault with our handset but I would like to know for certain before buying another. I would like to know if BT can offer a more acceptable fault finding process.


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Re: Severe interference on landline


You would only have to pay if the fault is proven to your own internal wiring or a faulty phone.

The BT line test system can only detect "hard" faults, like a contact with another line, or an earthing condition. Its not any good for checking for noise.

If the problem is still there at the test socket, then the fault would be external to your property,  so you need to check at the test socket, with a known good phone. Even a cheap £5 wired phone is all that is needed to prove the fault.

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Re: Severe interference on landline

Why do you think the automated test , just  because it was done quickly is any less relevant if the call back with the test result was later and delivered by a human ?, if a person tested the line , they would still just read out the tester results, getting an automated system to test the line and call you with the result is easy enough and no less accurate, the test checks your line against the minimum electrical specifications for an OR local loop, as others said , although it can detect ‘hard’ faults easily some fault types seemingly are not so easy to identify from this type of test.
The message didn’t say you would be definitely be charged £70, it said that if the fault was on something that OR are not responsible for , they ( quite correctly in my opinion) charge for the unnecessary visit.
TBH , the checks you are asked to do , ( trying a known working phone, connected directly into the master socket test port) eliminates your internal wiring and sockets, if you only have one landline phone, and unable to verify it’s faulty or not, you could always borrow one from a friend, neighbour or relative, or even buy a cheap corded phone ( £5-£10) for occasions such as this