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Shoddy shoddy service

Does it really take 3 weeks to set up a phoneline and 4 weeks to get connected to broadband?

 Do you really thing treating  existing customer like idiots is acceptable?

 WE moved to a new house and called on the 8th June to get set up with BB and Phone line. We were told it would take a week.

 Got a letter dated 11th June on the 14th June (second class post?>!) to say installation would now be 4th July. Significantly different to what we had been told on the phone.

Called to complain on the 14th june  and  we were told order  would be expedited.

Chased up 17th June  – again told order would be expedited.

Called 27th June – by which time  it is clear that we have been lied to 3 times already by BT about  installation dates.  Spoke to two different staff who both said they would expedite h order and our phone and broadband would believe within 24 hours.

28th June-   still no broadband, again told order would be expedited. Said they couldn’t control installation as that was another part of BT.


NEWSFLASH BT – I DO N OT CARE how you manage your internal departments and cross department service provision should NOT be an excuse and is certainly not my problem. .

Then spoke to  team leader who offered 3 options (1) a dial up connection ( discounted as too slow  for me to dial into works VPN and run SAP, (2) Dongle ( not viable  as too slow a connection as above) and (3) BTR Open zone long in (no covering  in our house.

So All completely unviable options, yet the  operator  who names I have   was  rude, insulting and down right patronising saying these were the only options and  it was my problem if I wasn’t willing to accept them.  Why on earth would I accept an option that  was NOT viable?   

This  individual then said he would get someone to call me back the next day between 3-4opm to update on my BB installation.

4pm next day (29th  June) rolls past with no contact from BT.  Hardly a surprise given  your track record to date!

I then spent 40 mins on the phone  ( via mobvile) so at considerable expense, trying to get through to find out what on earth is going on.

Get  hung up on TWICE…    finally speak to a lady who said our order could never have been expedited and that the people I had  spoken with  werer new and not trained so should never have said the order could be expedited.  

Not sure what is  worse, throwing your colleagues under a bus or that fact that  the other  people were either wilfully giving me false information to get me of the phone or that you let untrained staff  deal  with your customers.  SHOCKING! 

So today I get an email sent a 430 am to say  my phone service ( which only went live  24 hours ago, is going to be disconnected today?   WTF?   I never a confirmed that I wanted  my service terminated.

Have had to spend another 20 mins on the phone today to ensure this doesn’t happen.  individuals then tells me my BB is live?   I don’t know how as we haven’t received a hub or any equipment so again WTF.  Not home yet so cant tell but my guess  is that I have been lied to again.

So since the 8th June I have had to call BT  13 times week.. average call time is 15 minutes.    That is  195 minutes of my life that I will never get back.

I have been lied to  12 times… ( will find out if this hits 13 if  my BB a isn’t live today when I get home)

I had previously been a long standing customer of BT – paying   for the top whack BB and phone package….  Is this how you treat loyal customers??


I am shocked and appalled at how difficult you make to speak with intelligible, qualified, and personable individuals who take Ownership of the customer problems and then can deliver a VAIABLE solution.


I would not even call it customer service - you have wasted my time, cost me money and  given me endless amounts of stress because of  this.  I have been lied to, insulted and  given the run around for weeks and weeks.

I want to what  you are going to do about it?  Or shall I just  cancel the lot and go to virgin. They don’t take 4 weeks to get  BB up and running so why on earth do you need = a month to do this?   And why do you think it is ok to treat your customer like this?



Disgruntled fromLondon

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Re: Shoddy shoddy service


This is a customer to customer forum the only BT presence are the forum moderators you could try contacting them at this link

complete the web form and he mods normally reply within 72 hours they are a small specialist UK based team hence the time scale

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Re: Shoddy shoddy service

yeah, but moderators should pass on issues to support...that's how I run MY telecoms support team - which is a million times better than BT...but that's not difficult!
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Re: Shoddy shoddy service

Cotswold if the OP cares to contact the moderators at the link i have posted they will be able to sort his problems for him
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