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Should BT be able to provide more detail about usage over the phone???

Ok, so I've jut done a bit of searching and found what would be a solution to my problem in the "ideas" section... so commented there also, but so I may get a community opinion, what are your thoughts on the subject of BT providing more detailed usage statistics outside of the BroadBand usage monitor in My-BT? (i.e over the phone / by request on mail / even as an attachment on email notification of additional charges???)


So my story that's prompted this...


I have an option 1 10GB limited service and often get close to it - my average usage is actually 10.1Gb according to the usage monitor as I've had a couple of £5 additional use charges now in the past 6 months... However, today I've received a message saying I'd again exceeded the limit for Feb by using 16Gb... this is the most I've been over (plus £10 charge now) and to make matters worse in Feb, BT managed to disrupt my service (completely disconnected & long story!) for nearly 6 days and therefore I would like to "question" the exceeded usage for the first time - I'd raised a dispute today following the complaint process, and promptly received a returned call...


What I wanted was a breakdown of the usage over Feb PER DAY as I'm pretty sure our surfing habits have not changed, yet I'm well above my average usage even considering I had no internet for 20% of the month!!

I'd also like to have seen in the report that there was no increase of data consumed over the "6 day outage period" - as it would have confirmed to me there was nothing strange going on.


FYI if its relevant to usage totals; to resolve my problem, a BT Openreach engineer was required to visit the exchange to re-patch the broadband service in to my residential line... after some other engineer pulled it out! So there is a risk (in my opinion) that the usage for Feb could be misleading if taken over 2 different connections.

For instance, I know my line is syncing faster than previously & the engineer confirmed I'd been re-connected to different infrastructure in the exchange. (e.g from upto 8MB to the upto 20Mb service???)


When I politely asked for the usage detail on the phone today, I had a point blank refusal! I know the customer version of the usage monitor doesnt provide this level of detail, but really BT, are you telling me you do not have (or could create a report) on my usage by day?


This leaves me with a problem because (again in my opinion) BT are able to abuse the "usage" total and top up their revenue as & when they see fit!!! As a customer, I now feel powerless to challenge it!

My only option is to upgrade to a higher service, when out of the principle of handing over more money, I'm not happy to do at the moment - again BT could easily abuse the supplier position to "push" customers into more expensive service!!!


Back to the phone call today, after explaining my problem & concerns, I got nowhere but the BT agent agreed with everything I said (thanks??? Smiley Indifferent) and basically said she agreed it was a poor service! lol

Is this a new tactic to agree with everything the customer says but then keep repeating the fact they cant help???


So to wrap this up, I have lost trust in BT and the usage "statistics" and would love for them to try and improve this situation, even make some effort to try to rebuild my lost trust!

I'm almost annoyed enough by this if there is a general consensus/concern to take it further to a watchdog type body, the analogy is putting fuel in the motor without any reading/display at the pump... i.e would you really trust the system is regulated and not open to abuse?? And if you ask for evidence and they wont provide any??? Come on BT, time to improve your customer service!!!


Thanks for reading, please let me know if you have similar experiences 🙂



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