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Sick and tired of bt infinity what a joke.

Hi all, I have reached the end of my tether with bt openreach and bt wholesale and bt sales and where ever else they put you through to.

I have never dealt with such an incompetent company in my life, The left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing.

I have tried to get infinity and been told all sorts of lies by Bt sales to the point i have had to give up. I have been promised phone calls back to sort problem but as usual no call which infuriates you even more....

Openreach engineers are mainly apprentices with weeks of experience I was told this by other openreach engineers i have had to talk to while they have there head in the local cab boxes.

I have had faster broadband installed which when tested produced the same speeds as normal broadband  in my area typically 5mbps. This to my understanding is fttc, I was told by bt i was on this package already as they couldn't supply full infinity why i don't know and they don't so who does?????????? They said it was the distance from the exchange which when i asked my local openreach engineer he said when he looked on his laptop i was under a mile from the fttc enabled cab and if there was a problem with my wires they could be swapped if the engineer was experience i found out later he was working in sainsburys 2 weeks ago (no not a joke) a so called apprentice?.

The white fibre modem was removed and order cancelled , since then i have tryed to re order i have every excuse under the sun by Bt .If the cab is enabled with fiber and the seacroft exchange is enabled which have both been verified by openreach why cant i get either faster broadband or infinity. I have even been told by bt i am on infinity i asked them how this was possible without a fibre modem they said i didnt need one????????? lies lies lies thats all bts about

I have even been told no ny line is not with bt so why have i been paying line rental with you for 2 year what idiots can any one on here help me please please please >......... 


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Re: Sick and tired of bt infinity what a joke.

Your biggest problem is that you are too far from the cabinet. You may be in an Infinity-enabled area, but VDSL (the technology used to connect the cabinet to the modem in your home) simply isn't designed to run over long distances.

BT can try to supply the service, but it may deliver a speed much below what would normally be expected.
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Re: Sick and tired of bt infinity what a joke.

Yes it must be very disappointing.

And I bet Virgin cable aren't anywhere to be seen as an alternative .


Since 2005 until last year I was on 1.5Mbps so 5Mbps service would have still been interesting for me.

**Especially if it was improved this year to 10Mbps when BT plan to double the FTTC speed**. 


***See Infinitechris comment below pointing out the line length would preclude any speed improvement***


Apologies if I got your hopes up.


Please Click On any Text in Blue as that automatically links to information.


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Re: Sick and tired of bt infinity what a joke.

PC lines like Condensing's are unlikely to see any increase when BT change the 40Mb/s cap to 80 Mb/s. Almost all cabinets are now running on 17a so if you are not currently getting around the high 30Mb/s you are unlikely to see any further increase in download when the 80/20 product is released. 


He is a victim of physics long length to the cabinet means poor speeds which after 2kms or so are almost the same as ADSL. No BT Engineer no matter how experienced can change that.

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