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Sign in as a different user BT Yahoo Mail

Hi can anyone help please...


my BT Yahoo email page layout changed today, no warning. Not a problem as I understand BT Yahoo Mail will be migrated to BT Mail. 


I have two BT Yahoo emails, a and a, under my BT account. I used to be able to log out as one user and log in as the other user to view the other emails (I don't want them merged, one's family stuff the other personal & work stuff). 


Now I when I hit 'Sign out' I do not get logged out of BT Yahoo mail just pushed back to the page.


Hit the 'Email' tab and get STRAIGHT back into the account I just signed out of! No option to sign in again as a different user as before.


How on earth do I sign in as a different user and look at my other emails without going to 'Settings' > 'Accounts' > 'Edit Your Account Info' > 'Manage Sub Accounts' > 'Sign in as a different User' > 'Sign in' > select 'Mail' , which seems to be the old BT Yahoo login screen and a long winded method which will doubtless disappear post BT Mail migration.


Any ideas?



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Re: Sign in as a different user BT Yahoo Mail

What happens if you go straight to ignoring the link from BT?  That page has a tick box for "Keep me signed in", which can be un-ticked.


So far, I don't seem to have been "upgraded" to the new version of BT Yahoo yet.


This change is nothing to do with the migration to BTMail.  Yahoo have just decided they want more adverts on their email page, and BT have no option but to pretend that this is an upgrade for BT customers.

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Re: Sign in as a different user BT Yahoo Mail

I have put a short cut to the log in screen and use this rather than logging out which takes me back to the log in screen rather than the BT home page which I never use.

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Re: Sign in as a different user BT Yahoo Mail

Hi thanks for your replies. I have now bookmarked the Yahoo Mail login screen which seems to work (in an odd kind of way!).


The link given by Ectophile just takes me straight to my BT Yahoo email (no login screen) as before.


It all seems very insecure and clunky - I can't quite work out what's happening as Yahoo Mail behaves in a simialr way and I can bypass the login screen by refreshing my browser once I'm 'signed in' via the BT Home page. Although if I 'sign out' then go to Yahoo Mail it seems to force a login. All seems very insecure. I'm not even signed in to BT with my BT ID and I go straight to my emails.


I tried signing in via Yahoo Mail and unchecking 'Keep me signed in' but does not seem to make any difference.


As I say thanks for your replies and for now anyway I seem to have a workaround even though still a somewhat unsatisfactory situation. Fingers crossed all will be resolved after full migration to BT Mail which has to better than Yahoo's attempt at an upgrade! I have ad blocker add-on (Safari browser) which seems to block ads - I'm not seeing any anyway - if that helps.

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