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Signal Quality & Strength Issues

Back with another issue unfortunately. 

Past few days the freeview and freeview HD channels have had really bad pixelation. 

The signal quality and strength are both 100%.  I thought that would have been good but after reading past topics on here it seems not. 

A few posts recommend a 6db attenuator so bought one and put it in the box and both quality and strength is still sitting at 100%

Rang BT and can't really get a straight answer if they should fix it or the aerial company.  After some back and forth an engineer is coming out next week. 

Getting a bit brassed off with all these issues as we are now on our third box since February and still having pixelation issues.

Has anyone any idea on how to fix these issues or who can actually fix them? Or does it take a while for this 6db attenuator to "kick in"

Many thanks 🙂 

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Re: Signal Quality & Strength Issues

Whilst awaiting for the engineer's visit, you might like to try the site below that can help you work out if 4G may be the cause of your pixelation/interference. - Is your Freeview affected by 4g 

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Re: Signal Quality & Strength Issues

Thanks for that.  Says it's a possibility that it could be 4G. 

But, what are we meant to do with this? Just put up with pixelation?

We are paying £90 a month and at times, Tuesday past for example, we couldn't watch bbc, itv or channel 4 throughout the day.  

It's madness.  It's such a disappointment when we take a step to leave Sky after 20 years to move to BT and it's nothing but issues. 

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Re: Signal Quality & Strength Issues

I recall we had some serious winds during February. We were unaffected since our shared aerial is located inside the top floor flat's loft. If yours is outside, then even a slight aerial movement, coupled with winds from a certain direction could have affect the quality of your picture.

Five or six years ago, the top floor roof was damaged in a storm, requiring emergency repairs. During the few days the roof was open to the elements, strong gusts of wind really affected our picture quality, actually breaking it up, resulting in pixelation.

We only have Freeview plus BT Sport, the latter via the net and/or the app. Our sanity was saved by the fact that all through this period, we were able to view the main Freeview channels via the rock solid BT Infinity at that time, now Fibre with Halo 2.

Again, whilst waiting the engineer, you could try the Freeview direction assistant, coupled with your mobile phone compass for an approximate check that your aerial is more or less correctly sited: 


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Re: Signal Quality & Strength Issues


If your signal strength is still at 100% then try a variable attenuator , typical range 2dB to 20dB and see if that makes a difference.