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I have a signature that I like to add to the end of each email. I thought that I had set it up so that it appears at the end of each message. Instead it only appears at the end of the first email. After that, any response results in the signature appearing at the very bottom of the string of messages. How do I get it to work correctly? 

Many thanks. 

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Re: Signature

Hi @HildaS Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. In the signature settings, make sure you choose 'Above the original email' in the drop-down and that should fix it for you.



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Re: Signature

I know it should but it doesn't put the signature with any latest response.  It puts it at the bottom of the string. Also, I set up some rules so that emails went into specific folders - not working. Clearly I am doing some thing wrong! All help appreciated. 



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Re: Signature

In the settings do you have the box "Reply Quoting Original Text" ticked?

Have you tried adding your signature with the' Above the original email' selected and marking it as the default signature

If you have set up a signature after you have started a "string" you may find that the signature does not get added. Have you tried it in a new "string" since setting it up?

See link about BTMail.

When setting up rules make sure that you give each rule an individual name.

It may be worth clearing out your browser's cookies and history to see if that helps.

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Re: Signature

Many thanks for your advice. I do have 'reply quoting original messages'  and signature 'Above original email' ticked. 

I set up several signatures some time ago and they show in the top right of my email page ready for selection. I don't really want to have to create a new message and sometimes the 'string' is important (to me!) and makes it easier to review the conversation. 

I have double-checked on the 'rules' and believe that I have ticked all the necessary boxes. Some 'rules' are working and I can't see anything different with them. Very confused! 

Best wishes, Hilda 

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