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Signing out of BT Wi-fi with Fon

About a month ago, I had problems with my BT broadband which couldn't be fixed using the BT help wizard.  I was then asked by the Wizard if I wanted to use a BT hotspot as a temporary measure, which I did.


Since then, I can't seem to get my automatic broadband connection back and whenever I use Google Chrome, I'm notified that I'm using BT Fon and no matter how many times I log in to use BT wi-fi, I still get notification that I'm using BT Fon.


I never used to have to log in to use my internet. Please help.

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Re: Signing out of BT Wi-fi with Fon

Assuming you are using a Windows computer, if you go to the wireless connection symbol at the foot of your screen and click on it. This will show what wireless networks are transmitting near you. You need to find the one that has your Homehub name on it. It will be something like BTHomehub5-xxx. You should highlight it and it should give you an option to connect to it and there will be a box "connect automatically" Tick this box and then click the "connect" box.


This will open another box where you will need to enter the security Wireless Key that is found on the Homehub label. Once you have done that click OK.


You should now be connected to your Homehub.


Once you have done that click on The wireless symbol again and it will bring up all the networks again. At the bottom it will say "Open Netwrok & Sharing Centre"  Click on that. It will open another page and on the left hand side you should see "Manage Wireless Networks"


Click on that and you should see all the networks that you have been connected to. 


Find the BTWifi one and highlight it then go to the top and click on "remove" and close the page.


You should now automatically connect to your BT Homehub when you start your computer.


As an aside. If I were you I would remove BTDesktop Help if you have it installed on your computer. It is more bother than it is worth.



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