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Silent Calls

We are being pestered on our landline with silent calls evryday now. The calling number seems to change frequently and can be up to 10 times a day. The Net is full of people trying to find out who keeps calling them. There does  not appear to be anybody prepared to take this on as a complaint never mind do anything about it. I reckon it is the marketeers new form of spam.

I have looked at Ofcoms site they suggest complaining to supplier ie BT. The TPS is a chocolate teapot.

It only needs someone to take responsibility and set up a complaint site and ban the offending companies from using telephone lines    ...     just cut them off it would happen quick enough if they did not pay their bills.

I don't expect anybody at BT to actually sort this out but had to get it off my chest to somebody.

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Re: Silent Calls

Silent calls are often generated by computer at a rate faster than the operators can keep up with. Many are based overseas, and it's difficult to see what can be done about that without accusations of state interference, censorship and all that. A system like trueCall can be very effective if you have a major problem; Amazon has plenty of info and reviews.


The TPS may be a chocolate teapot, but it's not designed to make tea. I've had hardly any cold calls in the several years that I've been registered, and people I've recommended it to have also found it to be effective.


If it wasn't worth it, companies wouldn't do it. Ergo the problem would eventually disappear if only Joe Public could get it into his head that responding to marketing approaches (on the phone, in the street, at DIY stores and shopping malls) is by and large not a good idea. If you didn't think of it first, you can probably do without it.

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