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Sim Activation woes - now an impasse - no service and advised it's not down to BT

I ordered a SIM for my wife, it didn't arrive, contacted online help they sent another, it was the wrong size.  Finally today got the right one and - I cannot get any service on the phone.


I popped the SIM in an older Iphone 5s, it was on 02 but was unlocked.  Got the BT sim, stuck it in the phone, sync with iTunes and set the phone up.  Went to the BT Website and requested activation.  8 hours later - nothing.  Contacted online help and they say the SIM has been activated. Explained that the phone didn't work and the Support Assistant said he had refreshed the network for the phone - still nothing. Told me the activation had been successful and the lack of service was down to the fact the iPhone was still locked.  Explained to the Assistant that couldn't be the case as I had confirmation that the phone was unlocked and in any case you cannot set up a locked iPhone as it won't accept a SIM from another carrier.  Told it's the phone's fault and there is nothing BT can do ...


He suggested I went back to 02 and queried it with them, they have sent me a text confirming it's unlocked and should be set up with the new carriers sim via itunes.


So I have an activated SIM from BT in a phone they say is locked when I've been told by the former carrier it is not.


Any suggestions for a way ahead ?





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Re: Sim Activation woes - now an impasse - no service and advised it's not down to BT

Hi @Sumdumgi,


It may be best raising a complaint with our BT Mobile team to get this fully investigated. You can get in touch with them at the following link - BT Mobile Help


Come back to me if you have any difficulties.





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Re: Sim Activation woes - now an impasse - no service and advised it's not down to BT



After threee different online conversations telling me exactly the same (it's a problem with the phone) I was finally referred to the Technical Support Group after making a formal complaint.  And guess what - resolved in a two minute chat on the phone to someone in Cardiff last friday.  It was simple, my account had the wrong SIM serial number attributed to it - simple to check by asking me to read off the SIM number for the person in Cardiff to check.  She arranged a new SIM, arrived saturday and activated immediately and it works fine.


That seems something which online support could check easily and avoid the subsequent hassle for me but hey ho at least it is sorted now.


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