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Simple question..

Hi guys! Youview retail boxes have just had a software update that brings back "discover" a nice little feature that was stripped off the old software. Simple question .. When's the update hitting BT branded boxes? (2100 and 4000)

Thank you!
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Re: Simple question..

You will find out exactly the same time as everyone else 🙂

Software releases are never announced till they are released but going by the chatter on the forums don't hold your breath for a release including these functions (or something similar) anytime soon. My guess would be Aprilish but that is pure guessing.

The recent statements have been made that there will no longer be simultaneous releases for each branch (Retail, BT, TalkTalk) and each will release thier own version of software including its own version of improvements/fixes to thier own timescales from now on. Although you would expect if coding for certain functions are developed and built for one and it is possible and effect in another they will be shared at some point.

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Re: Simple question..

Cheers scointer, so Youview is no longer a standard platform? BT boxes should be described as "powered by youview"? (or something similar lol)
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Re: Simple question..

I was thinking this morning, I wonder how long till any reference of the word Youview is removed from the BT boxes and software.

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