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Sky Ondemand and BT Infinity.

Can someone tell me if there is a problem with Ondemand from Sky and BT Infinity, for the past 2 months ive had terrible trouble downloading from Ondemand from Sky. I am connected wireless to the sky connector but i have never had such trouble downloading as i have in past 2 months. Here is the threrad on the sky forum so you can judge for yourself


Executive Support Team from sky emailed me this morning saying there must be a problem with my ISP which there isnt. I am able to watch netflix and do other things on my connection with no problem at all. It is now getting to a case that if you want to downloading something in HD from ondemand it can take up to 4 hours. Clearly there has to be a problem with the sky servers.

Here is the email i got from sky this morning.


Thank you for your reply to my email. Having investigated your account, I can confirm that the download speed will depend on the size of the file and whether or not it is in HD or standard definition.


I can see from your account that you have the HD pack, so would assume that you are downloading content in HD. For a movie in HD with a file size of 3.4GB, a rough guide with your broadband would be that the wait time to start viewing this would be 1 minute. This means the time it takes to go from "downloading" to "available".


If there are any issues with this, in the first instance I would suggest that you speak with your internet provider regarding this.


Although you may be able to browse and access other content online quicker than the On Demand downloads, there can sometimes be congestion at the exchange which cause the issue.


I would like to check though, from a Sky point of view, if you are connected wirelessly or wired to On Demand. If you could please reply directly to this email with the answer to this question, I can perhaps assist further.


Kind regards


Rachael Totten

Service Excellence Consultant

Executive Support Team

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Re: Sky Ondemand and BT Infinity.

Have you tried connecting by wire in order to see if the problem is with your wireless connection ?

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Re: Sky Ondemand and BT Infinity.

I am not able to connected by wire as my Sky box is in a seperate room to my homehub also there is no way to connect to the sky box if i took it into the room where the Homehub is because the excisting LNB cables are not there to connect. 

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