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Sky Q losing signal

We have Sky Q, it uses the BT HH5 to send a signal to the secondary boxes, and recently we have been having issues ranging from delay in pressing a button to the action happening on screen, to black screens and error messages concerning broadband connectivity.


A BT engineer has been to the house today and checked everything out and couldn't find a fault, although he increased my speed from 16mb to 36mb saying over time it had dropped...


I just did a speed test and im indeed getting close to 36mb at the moment, but as of right now my Sky Q mutliroom box is experiencing signal loss. The speedtest graph shows dips numerous dips, could this be a sign of a problem?



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Re: Sky Q losing signal

I've had Sky Q Silver and two mini boxes since April 16 and changed from Plusnet to BT about a month later. My set up had most of the symptoms you describe with 5-10 reboots required every week accross the three boxes. Five weeks ago I took the plunge and connected the Silver box to an ethernet cable. I haven't had a single issue since other than a few menu tiles/thumbnails not appearing for the first few days. You probably don't want to hear this but I live on an island off the North of Scotland and, on a good day, only achieve download speeds of 6.5 MB and uploads of 0.27MB. It's obviously not a speed problem but more of a set-up issue. None of the boxes are on Eco mode which seems to be a problem for some. Mine are either on or off. I'm no tech expert but I've had Sky since they bought out BSB (the small diamond shaped dish) many, many years ago. I, with experience and some luck, are in a good place right now. If you want to replicate my set up just give me a shout.

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Re: Sky Q losing signal

Same here I have Sky Q and one mini. We had lots of reboots etc when I had it first installed last August. I've had a engineer out three times but they couldn't do anything as it's a software problem. But I used ethernet round two months after to the main Q box and not had half the problems since. Mini box over "Wi-Fi" but yes the box locks up now and then but since the last update (Q003) the whole system seems a lot better. I currently have a HH6 Infinity2 and get around 74Mbps 18.5Mbps. Standby mode is active on mine and the only thing that's annoying for me still is when watching UHD football with the sound dropouts. Hopefully on the next update that can be fixed....
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