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Sky Q mini problems

Hi Long on I'm afraid and apologies if this has been covered already....

I have recently received a Sky Q Mini which is installed quite far away from the main Sky Q box. The main box "connects wirelessly" to a BT Mini Hub. The Mini also connects to this mini hub (which is at a distance) but keeps losing connection to the main  box forcing frequent reset.

I have a powerline adapter within 3 ft of the q mini which can be connected via ethernet but the mini refuses to see this by wi-fi, it will connect via ethernet and has internet connection, but does seem to see the main q box and connects only through the mini hub via wireless. If connected by ethernet the mini displays all my recordings and planner but no apps (netflix youtube etc) and neither the program guide or recordings can be accessed / played, 

The mini hub is located on the floor below the main Smart Hub and shows on the network map as being on port 3, the powerline adapter is connected  via ethernet to the smart hub  and shows as being on port 4 the powerline home hotspot device is again floor below the smart hub but 30 ft away and shows as port 4 as does a music server connected (wired) to it.

Are there any settings I can amend on the network to "force" the Q mini to use the  powerline home hotspot via either wireless or wired?

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Re: Sky Q mini problems

The Sky Q mini connects to the main Q box, not the BT wifi network. Once the main box is connected to the BT network either via ethernet or wifi the mini should be connected via the WPS on the main box via the Q wifi mesh. If full ethernet is not an option you will probably need to contact Sky who will check your set-up and supply a wifi booster to sit somewhere between the two Q boxes. They normally provide them FOC. They did for me when I had the same problem. I've since switched to a full ethernet connection, but the booster did solve the problem.

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Re: Sky Q mini problems

Only (relatively) stable method appears to be wps, but that drops out fairly frequently. As stated there is a powerline within 3 feet of the mini with ethernet and wifi connections which are "not seen" or connectable to! A booster might work but will require another available socket and a box which might unfortunately interfere with her indoors aesthetic......
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