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Re: Sky Sports and NOW? Any news?


Which is like saying do SKY want to be able to wholesale BT Sports and be able to bundle it within a sport package. That was the deal that was agreed not just what BT are getting from the deal.

Indeed, do they think the price for that (i.e. the NOW TV deal), is still a price worth paying now they are under new management?

My sense is it isn't, but guess we will have to wait and see. 

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Re: Sky Sports and NOW? Any news?

Funny because most people where saying SKY were getting the best part of the deal and now you are saying it’s very much the opposite. All I will say is a company as big as BT/SKY would be rather foolish to have spent so much time and money on a project if they didn’t have everything signed on the dotted line (ownership change doesn’t change a contract - ask liberty global and how even after now owning F1 they still have to sell it exclusively to SKY for many years). The problem is in the technical delivery details not the commercial ones.

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Re: Sky Sports and NOW? Any news?

@scointer @stereohaven 

I'm one of those that has said Sky are getting the better end of the deal. I also am aware of the situation and yes it is technical issues at the heart of the delay. The sad thing is the solution is simple but try getting anyone to listen as most of us have attempted that already.

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Re: Sky Sports and NOW? Any news?

Still no News on this talking about dragging their heels on it !!!!!

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