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Sky Sports on BT


I currently have access to BT Sport through a You View box, via a standard broadband connection (not Infinity), with a viewing card.


I now want to add Sky Sports 1 & 2. I have phoned BT and been informed the only way to do this is to upgrade to Infinity.


Is this correct? The reason I am doubtful is because I went though this with BT last year when trying to get BT Sport. I was told i had to upgrade to Infinity then but only when I received help from a moderator on this forum did it turn out that I could get it with a viewing card on my standard connection!


Any help appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Sky Sports on BT

Sky Sports 1 & 2 are only licensed to be broadcast by BT on its BT Vision platform. They are not broadcast by BT on the Youview platform.


So they are only available on BT TV on a BT Vision box.


They are provided on the BT Vision box as IP channels and BT require you to have infinity to receive them.


BT Sport 1 &2 are provided by BT in a variety of different ways including on legacy systems by using a viewing card on BT Vision boxes - where the channels are transmitted over the aerial.


Are you sure that you have a Youview box --- all Youview boxes have Youview on the front. Youview boxes do not have viewing cards.

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Re: Sky Sports on BT

I think you moderator have your facts very wrong.

I currently have sky sports 1 & 2 though a bt vision box with no card  using broadband. the sky spotrts comes through broadband.

i have been assured with sky sports package will be unaffected when i upgrade to you view

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Re: Sky Sports on BT

Hi, you have picked up an old thread and things have moved on since Zulu posted.


Sky Sports is now received as an IP channel and if you swap to a Youview Box you will continue to receive Sky Sports 1 & 2.



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Re: Sky Sports on BT

In may 2014 that was indeed an accurate statement.

Since then 


in December 2014 as widely reported eg


BT was able to offer the Sky Sports 1 and 2 SD channels as addons to its BT TV service on YOuview.


In October 2015 the Sky Sports 1 and 2 HD channels were additional offered as addons to the BT TV service on Youview.


In November 2015 ofcom removed its Wholesale Must Offer Regulation



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