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Sky sports

Is there anyway I can get sky sports today? Trying to do it online, click"  existing customer" but they want to send me a box? Why would I need a box of I'm an existing customer? I don't want a box I just want to add sky sports on to my existing package. There's never a straight direct route to do anything on these WiFi websites. 

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Re: Sky sports

If you already have a tv box it's probably offering you an upgrade to a newer one with a one off delivery charge. Also depends on if you're on one of the new flexible tv packages or an old one if it would be a straight change or a new 24 month contract to change to the new tv packages

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Re: Sky sports

I have a flexible package, and a youview box. If I add the BIG SPORT package, will it add on to my bill? Or replace my whole TV package....or will I have what I have now and sky sports is added? I'm just confused.

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Re: Sky sports

If you're already on a flexible package it should just be a case of adding it on without changing your contract then. The changes to the package would depend on what you have at the moment, Big Sport only has the freeview channels plus BT Sport & Sky Sport

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