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Received letter from aol saying I had cancelled service provider . Rang aol to find bt had cancelled service provider rang bt to ask why they had done this . Was told i had placed an order with bt on line.  No order was placed by me passed to supervisor had to go through it all again . Still said i placed an order on the Friday 24th june again no was placed by me passed to someone else so i repeat myself for a third time still adamant i had placed the order . Asked where my email was to confirm order told there was a delay in sending email's out . Friday 1st july call from bt after sending them email complaining . Spoke to a rude lady again for the fourth time was told i had placed an order on line. So asked her what ip addressed was use she puts me on hold . Change of story i placed the order over the phone when i asked she said bt called me on the 24th of June at 13.35 again that also was a lie I'm at work at that time. Then she asked me what did i want her to do about it. I asked  her to confirm by email what had gone on and to confirm that this order had been cancelled Her reply was im not going to do that . Told me i was over reacting

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Re: Slamming

Its impossible for any provider (other than virgin) to take over your broadband without a mac code, someone must of provided BT with the mac code which one AOL can give out.

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Re: Slamming

I did not need a Mac code to move to BT from Sky..

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Re: Slamming

Thats right , coming back to BT from Sky Fully unbundled exchange did not require a MAC code



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