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Slightly Confused Today.

I’m not sure what’s happened but I check my router log daily at 10:17am everyday it does it TR69 always the same 2 periodic and 4 value change. Never had a drop out no noise on the line alway 20/80 sync.

‘Anyway today I noticed I have 10 hours of uptime checked my log this morning at around 8am it did TR69 4 value change then 4 Value change right after. 10:17 it did the usual 2 and 4 report.

Then I noticed my sync had gone from 79.99 to 74.20 and my noise margins have dropped a lot my upload is now still at 20mbps but is on the minimum of 6.2 from its usual 12. And the download has noise margin has dropped to 8.9 from the usual 11.

A screenshot from August 10th 


‘And from today


What has made my noise margin collapse like this? 

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Re: Slightly Confused Today.

Try a quiet line test 17070 option 2, any noise report a line fault on 151.

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Re: Slightly Confused Today.

Thanks @pippincp I’m having some mates round later I will get them to try it, I’m slightly deaf but I will let you know later on when they try it. 

I have noticed openreach have been active lately at my street cabinet and they have built another cabinet about 10 meters away on the opposite corner of the road.  As developers have been having a beano throwing houses up around here lately. I’m assuming the new cabinet is because of all these new builds. 

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Re: Slightly Confused Today.

I’ve just been informed my line is silent on the quiet line test. I was expecting it to be that as my noise margins has dropped 50% but the line seems fine. My DLM did it’s usual call in at 10:17 got a 2 and 4 as normal. No other reports. 

‘Any other suggestions I can try? 

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Re: Slightly Confused Today.

Line noise is reponsible for 90% of broadband issues so is always the first thing to check for.

Can you repost the stats following the restart.

Anyway when you get back there will be someone who will be able to help you further, there's always one of us around.Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Slightly Confused Today.

Turned the hub off and left it for 35 minuets, things look pretty much the same. Noise margin is still 50% lower than it normally is. Anyway here’s a screenshot following the restart. 👍


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Re: Slightly Confused Today.

Well something happened at 4am this morning it has put itself back to normal. Noise margins are back to normal and speed is back to normal. I can only assume that it was something to do with openreach working on the cabinet and building that new one. 

Very strange for me as my connection is 100% flawless, even when the noise margins dropped it was still stable just confusing.



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