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Slow BT Infinity - just installed

Hi all, I've read a few threads on this but it doesn't seem to help me really.


I've just had Option 2 installed, and was advised I can get 20mb speed. After it was installed the engineer tested it and said I was getting 20mb, was really happy.


So anyway, later in the day I connect my PS3, start downloading, but I am geting less than 1mb speeds downloading, which obviously is not good. It was one of the reasons I upgraded in the first place.


Can anyone help me as to why this could be slow on my ps3 but not on my laptop?


Does it take time for the line to get faster or anything?


Pleased to hear any help, thank you.

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Re: Slow BT Infinity - just installed

Well if you're getting the throughput on the laptop ....


It'll be more on how you have configured the PS3 to the gateway ...


Not the fact that there's a problem with bandwidth .

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Re: Slow BT Infinity - just installed

Hi Roger,


Well when I test it on the ps3, the speed goes up and down like a yoyo, can you think of what that might be?


I set up the connection on the ps3 just scanning to find the hub, it found it, I entered in the key and away I went, then when I download stuff, it's just slow. IS there anything I can do to see if there is a block somewhere on the ps3 or anything?


any ideas to try things out would be much appreciated

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Re: Slow BT Infinity - just installed

I am really shocked that your engineer did not explain how BT Infinity works. BT never cease to amaze me with their Customer Service. The following steps will explain what is going on:


1) Open up your BT Infinity User Guide and Troubleshooting manual.


2) On the very first page you will see a little grey box that says: 'Getting up to speed'.


This box explains what the engineer told me. For 7-14 days after you have had BT Infinity installed you will suffer connection time outs, varying speeds and sudden drops. This is due to the line adjusting and getting up to speed. To help this process along the best thing you can do is leave your Home Hub on as much as possible (you can still restart it occasionally if you need to) and try to use the internet as much as you can during the time period to help it adjust.


If you are suffering really slow speeds, occasionally restarting the Home Hub and the Openreach Modem resets the connection and seemed to work for me as a temporary solution. I had Infinity installed last Thursday and so far I've had some days where it's been incredibly fast and others where it's been a snails pace (both times off-peak during the day). Give it time to adjust and if it still continues after 14 days of installation I would call BT.



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Re: Slow BT Infinity - just installed

oh thanks very much, I sort of remember from last time BB was installed that it wook 14 days to get up to speed so I thought that would be the case, thanks for confirming it.


The engineer just said it was ready to be used, and that is stated on the website when purchasing, I can obviously use it, just not the speed I was promised right away.


Oh well, thank you for the help. I will give all the paper work I received a proper read through anyway, but I think this is the main reason.


Thank you.

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Re: Slow BT Infinity - just installed

If your laptop and PS3 are connected to the hub and one has a fast connection and the other is slow at the same time it is very unlikely it has anything to do with the Infinity connection. 


Is your PS3 connected wirelessly? If so try changing the channel being used by the hub - it is difficult to diagnose on a games machine as you have no access to diagnostic software but you can do a network test on a PS3 that may give you an idea of what the problem is. You can change the wireless channel the hub users by going into advanced settings/wireless in the hub's web interface. I gave up using wireless on my PS3 and now use a powerline adapter.


One thought it may be just coincidental as there was major system release for the PS3 yesterday to version 3.5 to give 3D support for Blu Ray. Are you trying to download from Sony as their servers are rather busy? Infinity increases speed between you and the exchange but can do nothing about maxed out servers.

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Re: Slow BT Infinity - just installed

Oh right ok. I was downloading a demo, so I don't think it would of been slow? Not sure if Demo's come from Sony or not to be honest.


I will have to give it a try later this week or something. I will read up on changing chanels in the hub too. My PS3 is currently wireless, there is no chance of it being wired as it's in a different room in the house.


Is it worth trying a static address or anything like that?

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Re: Slow BT Infinity - just installed

Don't know whether fixed IP addresses would  help but I suspect not. If wireless stays slow do look at Powerline adapters especially if you plan to stream video as these work through the mains wiring and means you can have a wired connection without having to run ethernet cables. SimplesSmiley Wink

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Re: Slow BT Infinity - just installed

I will definitely look into this if it doesn't speed up.


I came home last night and check my speed on both ps3 and laptop.


Laptop - tried about 5 times on average 4mb

PS3 - tried downloads, again working at about 2mb


THis is seriously not on, it's meant to be 20mb, I know it's still testing the line (7-14 days) but surely it should be a lot closer to that speed now, with fluctuations up and down. Not just as fast as it was before I had it installed?


Any thoughts on this guys, I'm sorry this wont go away, but it's very frustrating.

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Re: Slow BT Infinity - just installed

Hi mate, the funny thing is you getting spot on speeds for what you signed up for! This is a common mistake people make, and there are so many people on forums complaining about the same thing, but you missed the small print!! Its the clever wording ISPs use, they offer up to 20Meg speeds, but what people miss is that their 'Meg' or 'MB' stands for 'Megabits' where most people assume its 'Megabytes'! 20 Megabits = 2.5 Megabytes! Its a little trick they use so they can use a bigger number to pull customers in! So they can say 'WOW 20 MEG SPEEDS WITH INFINITY' instead of 'WOW 2.5 MEGABYTE SPEEDS WITH INFINITY' catch my drift? Most people just see the 20 and sign up! 2.5 megabytes is fast for this country though, theres still a long way to go to catch up with the rest of europe!


Hope this helps

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