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Slow Connection After A Fault Being Repaired

Hi folks,


We reported a fault with our home phone line and broadband which was repaired today. The phone is working fine but the broadband is still very, very slow. What I was wondering was would the speed increase again in a few days or should it have automatically gone back up to the speeds we were getting before the fault? Before the problems we were connecting at roughly 3.8mb, now it has dropped to around 113kb/s.


Here is my hub & speedchecker stats -





I'm fairly computer savvy but have little or no idea about broadband figures.


Thanks in advance for any help.


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Re: Slow Connection After A Fault Being Repaired

Your IP profile has dropped right back to 135Kbps - almost certainly as a result of the fault.


Looks like you've only been connected a little over an hour, so it's early days yet - your IP profile is due a rather large change, so it should happen automagically pretty quickly.


 If in, say, 24hrs time it's still stuck at 135Kbps, you could have a stuck profile which will need manually kicking to get going again, but it shouldn't come to that.


I'd leave things alone (connected) for now, and see what happens.

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Re: Slow Connection After A Fault Being Repaired

Your IP profile which governs throughput is at rock bottom .... owing to intervention/noise etc.


Sometimes it can get "stuck" .... other times it will go up on its own.


Now the repair is done, you should see an increase .... but it may take a few days.


If it hasn't budged in 3 full days, post back in ..... and get the moderators to unlock it for you.


@Ian ...

sorry simultaneous posting.

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Re: Slow Connection After A Fault Being Repaired

Thank you very much guys, I'll keep an eye on it and hopefully it will go back up.



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Re: Slow Connection After A Fault Being Repaired

A quick update. I had to call the BT helpline to get them to release my IP profile. It went back to full speed last night but today, the connection went off completely. It's back on now, but it has gone back to the 135kb/s I was getting previously. My Son tells me that an Openreach van was parked outside our property all morning.


I'm guesing it's just a matter of waiting around to see if the speed increases?


BTW, the chap I spoke to just now on the tech help line was probably about the rudest customer service guy I have ever spoken to!

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