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Slow Download Speed

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Hi all,

About 2 weeks ago my download speed dropped from over 40+ Mb to no more than 2Mb. I've tried all the usual methods, reset Hub, checked quiet line, swapped leads etc. All to no avail. I seem to be getting nowhere with the online 'help/call centre'. They report that the hub is recieving a full 70+Mb of data download, not what I'm getting though. I'm using a wired connection to the Hub on a pc, wireless is also less than 2Mb.BT Broadband 1.png



Line info below:


Any help gratefully recieved.


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Re: Slow Download Speed

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Smart Hub technical settings:

This is a list of your BT Smart Hub settings and current statistics.

Product name: BT Hub 6A
Serial number: 084319+NQ62356334
Firmware version: SG4B1000B540
Firmware updated: 15-Jul-2018
Board version: 1.0
Gui version: 1.64.0
DSL uptime: 2 Days, 8 Hours 22 Minutes 31 Seconds
Data rate: 20.00 Mbps / 79.19 Mbps
Maximum data rate: 25803 / 80241
Noise margin: 9.3 dB / 3.3 dB
Line attenuation: 17.4 dB
Signal attenuation:
VPI / VCI: 0/38
Modulation: G_993_2_ANNEX_B
Latency type: Fast Path
Data sent / received: 5309 MB Uploaded / 16878 MB Downloaded
Broadband username:
BT Wi-fi: Active
2.4 GHz wireless network name: BTHub6-MXCR
2.4 GHz wireless channel: Smart (Channel 6)
5 GHz wireless network name: BTHub6-MXCR
5 GHz wireless channel: Smart (Channel 36)
Wireless security: WPA2 (Recommended)
Wireless mode: Mode 1
Firewall: On
MAC address: 90:4D:4A:24:8E:C3
Software variant: -
Boot loader: 7.33.1


Up  time has been longer than this. Since the issues began the download has not exceeded 2Mb.

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Re: Slow Download Speed

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Do you experience the very slow speeds all the time or just at peak times?
Has an engineer been out yet to investigate the Openreach network?
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Re: Slow Download Speed

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You can see from your stats you do have a connection speed of 79mb Can you run btspeedtester again but this time run diagnostic test which follows and post the results. Must be with Ethernet and preferably with IE/Edge as others have given odd results Which exchange and cab are you on?

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Re: Slow Download Speed

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From the screenshot they’ve posted it looks like the further diagnostics has already been run but it failed to complete correctly. I’d too recommend IE/Edge if you aren’t using it already.
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Re: Slow Download Speed

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Thanks for the replies all.

I've ran the diagnostics again, this time with edge. Results below.

The speed is slow at all times of the day, although much worse in the evening when it can drop below 1Mb. I ran this test just before 9am (ethernet connected with virus/firewall off).

BT Broadband 2.png

No engineer has been yet as the call centre claimed they could not send one as they do not detect a problem! Not the most useful tbh.

The further diagnostics will still not complete for some reason.


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Re: Slow Download Speed

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Something must have been actioned this afternoon while I was out.

My speeds are now back up to 60+Mb back to as they were a couple of weeks ago. Maybe an engineer has visited the local exchange/cabinet.

I'll monitor over the next few weeks, hopefully this is now sorted.

Thanks once again for any help offered.

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