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Slow Infinity Broadband


I wonder if someone can give me some help with a slow fibre broadband connection.  I have logged a fault with BT and I am told 'something' has been done on the line by an engineer but this has made no improvement.  The service has been operational since 14th Feb (6weeks late) and has never been faster than the stats below.


For info the expectation set by BT re line speed is:

"How fast will it be?

We estimate your download speed will be between 42Mb and 55Mb, and your upload speed will be between 8Mb and 10Mb.

The minimum guaranteed speed you can expect from your BT Infinity will be 35Mb."


I have run the tests as described elsewhere on this forum - results below.  The only test I could not do was a noisy line test (as I don't have a phone handset to plug in - I only use the line for broadband). (I followed the pre-req steps of rebooting, connecting only 1 device (laptop) via ethernet cable etc.)

Download 4.87 Mbps

Upload 3.27 Mbps

Ping Latency 170ms


when I click on Further Diagnostics I get:
nullThe Performance Tester is currently unable to run a speed test for your broadband connection. Please try again shortly, however if this problem persists, raise the issue with your service provider.


Router stats are:

Serial number: +084319+NQ63597845
Firmware version: SG4B10002244
Firmware updated: 17-Feb-2017
Board version:1.0
Gui version:1.32.0
DSL uptime:7 Days, 17 Hours 27 Minutes 53 Seconds
Data rate:4.31 kbps / 5.31 kbps
Maximum data rate:4309 / 4895
Noise margin: 5.4 / 6
Line attenuation: 54.5
Signal attenuation: VPI / VCI: 0/38
Modulation: G_993_2_ANNEX_B
Latency type:Fast Path
Data sent / received:113 MB Uploaded / 195 MB Downloaded
Broadband username:
BT Wi-fi: Not active
2.4 GHz wireless network name:BTHub6-Z5RW
2.4 GHz wireless channel: Smart (Channel 1)
5 GHz wireless network name: BTHub6-Z5RW
5 GHz wireless channel: Smart (Channel 36)
Wireless security: WPA2 (Recommended)
Band steering:Off
Wireless mode:Mode 1
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Re: Slow Infinity Broadband

@StuartP wrote:


I.  The only test I could not do was a noisy line test (as I don't have a phone handset to plug in - I only use the line for broadband).




Welcome to this user forum.


A landline phone is essential, and a basic one costs less then £5. Useful in an emergency as well.

Without one, you risk a £130 charge, as the fault could be within your own wiring.


There is an explanation on this post, which also applies to Infinity.


A noisy line will ruin your broadband connection.


Your line attenuation is 54.5dB, which is much to high to BT Infinity. This could indicate that you have a disconnection in on wire of your phone line.

The only way to prove this, is to plug in a phone, as you will not get dial tone if there is a disconnection.


Please get hold of a phone today, and check, as there is nothing else that can be done to prove the fault.


If there is no dial tone, you need to check at the test socket, to prove whether the fault is on the external network, or within your own wiring.


Test Socket.jpg



If the line is noisy or you get no dial tone, then reporting it as a phone line fault will get the problem fixed much quicker. Reporting a broadband issue, is going to take a long time.



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Re: Slow Infinity Broadband

Many thanks for your reply Keith. I will get hold of a phone today and test.  My router is plugged-in to the master socket in the house in order to eliminate in-house wiring problems so I'll plug a phone into the master socket and see what I find.  I will revert back.

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Re: Slow Infinity Broadband

@Keith_Beddoemany thanks for your guidance.  I plugged a phone into the master socket and got no dial-tone at all (even after taking the face plate off the master socket).

I will log this as a phone fault with BT now and see what response I get.

thanks again for your help.


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Re: Slow Infinity Broadband

Once you get the dial tone back, your broadband will operate at full speed. Just do not mention about the broadband, otherwise it will end up in the wrong queue, and you will wait forever.


It only needs an Openreach Field Technician, not one trained on broadband. There a loads of phone trained people, but not so many broadband ones.


Broadband will operate on only one wire, but with very poor speed, as you have discovered Smiley Wink


Keep your phone for future testing.


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