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Slow Internet Download Speed

I have had 3 years of slow download speed on my business line and no business calls that i have made revenue. I was so upset I was told by a friend to check the speed for myself via . My internet download speed was 2.7 Mb and i also recommend you all to use this free independent speed test and also use free send to e-mail.

i also checked al the BT download speeds in Neston area mine come out second from bottom in the area at 2.6Mb i have done numerous tests and the download speed varied from 2.6-2.8 Mb and over 40 yards away on uswitch street stats

11.4Mb was availabe so i called BT business broadband and the girl operator was adamnant that was the best they could do. So i called again i have so much to tell you about other issues unresolved I spoke to Mike at Blackburn he said you should be receiving 15Mb + and i will adjust the settings and i had a crossed line.   The following Monday a girl from

BT to say they were working on line and she would call at 3pm to let me know if they had fixed fault it was now via Uswitch at 15.1 Mb download speed  but lately has dropped to 13.0 Mb. I am still not receiving business calls.No claim form sent out for this lousy service i believe BT engineers are above the law and Lord Leveson should have had a far bigger remitt to include broadband and phone losses yes i can call out but calls in dont exist not natural for 3 years Its like being on the moon daily. BT's answer they place you in deadlock and tell you to go to Otelo or Ofcom no wonder average payout £110 average payout in 2012 and a maximum of £5000 which is never paid out. If you use ther service you cant sue in County Court or High Court for losses incurred What a way to run a premier company.  The PR is non existant and why should the faults team be in control of the internal claims forms. I have lost £1000's in lost revenue but no compensation from BT.A new system must be installed immediately and every body must give you a city and a number so you can trace the person you have spoken too and that music which sends you crazy must be axed and soothing music piped to you after waiting over 30 minutes to come back to you All for now hoping for a better New Year

kind regards


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Re: Slow Internet Download Speed

Welcome to the BT Residential Customers forum


If you are a business user, please could you post on the BT Business forum at



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