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Slow PC with BT dongle.

I recently started with BT superfast broadband and then I got a BT dongle. The dongle seemed to slow things down. I found that a program CppWindowsService.exe in the BT folder was running all the time and using a lot of CPU time (I discovered this using the process and CPU monitor function in Task Manager). So I suspended CPPWindowsService.exe (again, using Task Manager). It didn't seem to make any difference to the operation of the dongle but there wasn't so much CPU time being taken up and the PC seemed to run faster. So, what does CppWindowsService.exe do ?


I also found that RapportMgmtService.exe was using a lot of CPU time, so I uninstalled Rapport (with help from Trusteer) and then reinstalled it. Now it seems to be using less CPU time.


I've also got a registry cleaner running twice a week.


Compared with how it was before my PC is now running like 'grease lightening'. Does anyone have any comments ?





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