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Slow Wireless, Fine Wired

I have BT Infinity Option 1, from April 2011


My wireless has been on the fritz lately, giving intermittently very slow speeds. About half an hour ago the BT Speed Tester Lite (Beta ) (I use this as the 'proper' one keeps giving me an error and will not let me use it) was showing a speed of 1.0mbps.


I restarted the hub, the speed went to approximately 5.0mbps. Ten minutes later it is down to 0.29mbps. Both speed tests were identical on various other third party testers. My wireless hardware is fine, when it works normally I get around 17 (expected max for a non-n wireless connection). This problem has happened before and the speeds come back to normal after being variable (but very, very low) for a few days or so but it is very frustrating to have regular <1.0mbps connection speeds when I expect closer to 20.0mbps (and pay for 40mbps)


When I connect by ethernet I get 37-39mbps, which is the expected maximum for my package/account so it is unlikely to be a line problem. I do not believe there is a wireless fault on my computer hardware given that it normally and regularly connects at its maximum speed.


My home hub is type 'A' (and an early one as I was an early adopter in April 2011), Software version (Type A). Could I have one of these faulty type A hubs I hear a lot about?


Also, how is it that I can't use the official speed test? This is frustrating as it would appear it's the only one BT care about or listen to.


Re-ran BT speed tester lite beta, result = 0.79mbps. This is ridiculous, I would get better speeds on normal broadband. The problem has happened before and resolved after a few days but is clearly well below acceptable speeds, almost 1/100th of what I'm paying for.


Anyone able to help or advise?

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Re: Slow Wireless, Fine Wired

Quick further tests on

Download Speed: 1191 kbps (148.9 KB/sec ) Upload Speed: 1301 kbps (162.6 KB/sec )

higher upload than dl, who whoulda thunk it!

Download Speed: 37469 kbps (4683.6 KB/sec ) Upload Speed: 1185 kbps (148.1 KB/sec )

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Re: Slow Wireless, Fine Wired

Speedtest should Always carriedout using a wired connection as wireless is subject to various interference also it can be dependent on wether you are using wireless n or b or g all have different speeds wirelessnbeing the best
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Re: Slow Wireless, Fine Wired

My post clearly indicates that I know the difference between wired and wireless, even the post topic says this.


My wired line speed is fine and dandy. (37-38mbps). My wireless speed is 0.3mbps. This is the problem. It has happened before and resolved after a few days, most of the time my wireless is in the range expected (17mbps being a G connection). 


My main question is regarding the hub. I have a very early type A hub, is it likely to be part of the bad batch or faulty ones I have read about briefly here? 

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