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Slow broadband and phone line problems

Over the last couple of weeks my broadband speed has deteriorated to the point when it is reminiscent of the old dial-up days.

My phone line is also dreadful, so crackly you can't have a proper conversation and usually the phone only rings twice and then cuts off.

Weirdly some days it is fine and rings normally and you can hear properly but the broadband speed is always slow now.

BT says there is no fault on the line and offered to send out an engineer at a cost of about £120.

I only have an ipad and an android phone and all the self help options seem to need either a laptop or a desktop computer.

I was put through to an engineer to talk through the problems I have but unfortunately the line was so bad neither of us could hear the other. I live in an area with zero mobile phone reception so I can't use that either.

Both the android phone and the ipad work fast and normally at other locations so there isn't a problem with them.

Any suggestions??

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Re: Slow broadband and phone line problems

have you tried the quiet line test dial 17070 option 2 you should hear no noise if you can then it needs reporting to BT faults on 151 with no mention of broadband in the call once the line noise is solved your broadband will start to improve you will only be charged if the fault is with your equipment or extensions the charge mentioned is purely advisory
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Re: Slow broadband and phone line problems

Thank you!

I just tried that and it is very crackly.

When I rang to report it I didn't mention my broadband problems as I thought I would try one thing at a time!

I have just discovered that the engineer has left a message which seems to indicate they do think there is a fault but they aren't planning on dealing with it til June 2nd.

I will try reporting it again.
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Re: Slow broadband and phone line problems

that date would be correct as Openreach state up to 3 working days from reporting a fault