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Slow broadband connection


1. Very Slow internet connection with pages often failing to open before timing out.

2. Email send often failing, especially when sent with attachments.



1. Mesh PC age 9 yrs approx - 32 bit

2. Running Windows Vista and installed with Microsoft Outlook 2010

3. BT Home Hub 5 for Infinity Broadband.

4. Ethernet connection from hub to PC which are next to each other in same room as BT socket

5. 5 other items with internet access around the house inc. PCs, laptops, Roku and Ipad all working fine.


Internet Speed

1. Download speed approx 36Mbps

2. Upload speed 0Mbps


Solutions tried

1. A laptop plugged into the hub via the ethernet cable - internet works fine.

2. Plugging the previous BT Home Hub 3 in the PC - internet works fine.

3. Moving the processor to another room in the house - internet works fine.

4. Restarting the computer in safe mode with all security disabled - same problem occuring.


BT Home Hub 3 not sufficient to support all other items and there were lots of drop outs hence the upgrade to Home Hub 5.


I hope you can help with this problem which has taken hours of time and frustration and no solution in sight. The PC is well used in the office where all the other equipment is

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Re: Slow broadband connection

Good afternoon Mrs_T and welcome to the forum.......


Can you put your telephone number into and post the results (after removing your telephone number) ?


Can you log-in to your homehub and post the first 12 lines that show under the "helpdesk" tab, assuming that is, that you have a Homehub 5 ?

If you found this post helpful, then please click the star on the left, after all, I'm only trying to help........Smiley Wink
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Re: Slow broadband connection

Have you checked that your Network Card drivers on your computer are up to date. Use the card manufacturer's website as Windows drivers can be out of date.


The Homehub 3 should be able to support all your devices unless of course it was faulty. Are you using the HH5 with the Openreach modem or is it connecting directly.

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Re: Slow broadband connection

Here are the results:


broadband availability.png


1. Product name:

BT Home Hub

2. Serial number:


3. Firmware version:

Software version (Type A) Last updated 19/07/14

4. Board version:

BT Hub 5A

5. VDSL uptime:

0 days, 19:20:09

6. Data rate:

11417 / 38954

7. Maximum data rate:

11257 / 39240

8. Noise margin:

6.0 / 6.6

9. Line attenuation:

0.0 / 14.4

10. Signal attenuation:

0.0 / 14.3

11. Data sent/received:

228.7 MB / 683.3 MB

12. Broadband username:


Thanks for your help

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Re: Slow broadband connection

Presumably you are on Infinity 1. Your speeds are not the cause of your problem because you have reported all your other devices were working as they should.


It is a device specific problem with your Vista PC. Have you checked the Network card drivers?

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Re: Slow broadband connection

The ethernet connection is on the motherboard rather than a separate netowrk card, the drivers for which are up to date.

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Re: Slow broadband connection

Just checking, did you take a note of the drivers and check them with the manufacturer's website rather than clicking the "Update Drives" When you click that all it does is check the Windows drivers.

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Re: Slow broadband connection

I downloaded directly from the nVidia website. According to the site the most recent version of the driver was from 2008, anyway.

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Re: Slow broadband connection

The drivers are up to date and Home Hub 5 is connected directly without the previous additional white box.

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Re: Slow broadband connection

Is the Mesh computer connected using DHCP to the HomeHub?

Are you sure there are no other devices configured with static IP to your dynamic IP address?  

Conflicting IP addresses can cause all sorts of curious issues; though not sure if it could cause exactly what you say.

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