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Re: Slow broadband on the Smallbrook exchange.

Sorted! Kind of :S


After 9 months of **bleep** BT say I can move out of my contract with no charge.


I know that whoever I move to will have slow speeds, but they said I can transfer my contract to BT business, who have lower contention ratios (20:1, as opposed to 50:1)


Hopefully this will increase my speed a little, as most businesses operate during the day, so the problem of slow speeds at night may be resolved somewhat. I'll let you know how it goes ๐Ÿ™‚

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Re: Slow broadband on the Smallbrook exchange.

Thomas, I'm on a PlusNet product that offers 20:1 contention. It didn't make any difference to my speeds.
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Re: Slow broadband on the Smallbrook exchange.

Well... I've finally had enough....


I have just sent my 4th and final formal complaint to BT about this and expect as usual to fall on deaf ears.


I'm sick and tired of paying through the nose for a service i can't even use...


I have worked out tonight that according to the BT Website Broadband checker my estimated speed should be 8mb, but the average i get is just under 1mb (lets round it up to 1mb for arguments sake!)


Therefore.... By my calculations (correct me if i am wrong) the speed i am recieving is 87.5% slower than BT have estimated...


NOW.....  I know this is an estimate and depends on certain factors... But even the regulators have said in the past that the estimates should be realistic and within 10 - 15% percent... but this is a 87.5% difference.... PATHETIC!


So does this technically mean i have been mis-sold something????? If so can i contact one of those solicitors that deals with being mis-sold credit card / loan insurance!!!!!!

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Re: Slow broadband on the Smallbrook exchange.

The speed shown on the checker is the connection speed not the download speed
So not mis sold by BT
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Re: Slow broadband on the Smallbrook exchange.

Although things had picked up for me, it's gotten bad again. Since mid-February I've been calling BT complaining about speeds as I currently get between 200-500Kbits.


I had an engineer visit to run tests and was told it's an issue with Virtual Paths at the exchange and that the fix would be installed on 26th April.


Now each time I call I'm fobbed off with updates like "we need to reconfigure xyz" or "update your sound-to-noise ratio".


This is getting ridiculous, and no-one on the helpdesk can do anything other than what is written on their scripts.


I want to speak to someone that understands, and has some authority to do something.


I've contacted various email addresses but heard nothing back. I've also seen people update this thread saying they've contacted someone and got some progress. I need to add my "voice" to the list of complainants - any thoughts of who I should call, email, write to - as BT have simply ignored my contact!


Looking forward to hearing suggestions soon? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: Slow broadband on the Smallbrook exchange.

Hi Irichyd,


Thanks for the posts and welcome to the forum.


If what you have been told by the engineer is correct and the cause of your slow broadband speed is related to the virtual paths, then BT will not be able to do anything until the supplier upgrades the VP's at the exchange.  If the virtual paths are being over utilised then it would explain why your throughput speed is poor.


I presume that your sync speed an IP profile all look fine and it is just your throughput speed which is slow.  I can confirm either way what is happening with your connection. 


Please drop me an email via the 'Contact Us' link in my profile. (click on my name and you will find the link under the "about me" section). Include your BT account details and the link to this thread.




Community ManagerSeanD
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Re: Slow broadband on the Smallbrook exchange.

Sean, have sent email, now let's see what happens...and how I can take this issue forward - on both my behalf, and for all the others in the same situation on the Smallbrook exchange.


I'm not expecting miracles though ๐Ÿ˜ž


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Re: Slow broadband on the Smallbrook exchange.


@RD123 wrote:

it just gets worse and worse.


From my ISP - Plusnet (owned by BT)


We have had a reply from our suppliers informing us that the exchange you are connected to is currently experiencing high bandwidth demand. This may mean during peak hours your speed could drop. Our suppliers have confirmed they are planning to upgrade the bandwidth and have this completed by 26 April 2011.

26th of April, DISGRACEFUL! The exchange has been buggered since September when I moved into the area. I urge everybody to complain about the length of delay to both BT and the regulator, I'm certainly not paying ยฃ22.99 a month for a connection I CANNOT use.


Will anyone here confirm this tomorrow please? do some speed tests at that time.


Ive been on the verge of buying one of those brand new apartments in that new Park Central area. I couldnt believe it when i found out Virgin Media cable wasnt available. Then i thought id check to see if the BT exchange is good enough... OMG! - from reading all the discussions on the inet about Smallbrook exchange. I was getting the same speed 10 years ago with cable!


Me and a friend are online gamers so we need a good inet connection, but 0.5Mb speed? mobile broadband is far better than that ๐Ÿ˜ž

With all the new residents flooding into the area you'd think BT would get their act together, or Virgin Media blitz the place im sure they'd get a heavy profit from BT's warped methods, the smallbrook exchange would have no people using it if cable was available.

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Re: Slow broadband on the Smallbrook exchange.

I too live in Park Central, I must say though I've had near constant 6500 kbps speeds for the last month or two, even though the exchange still hasn't been fixed. I'll re-open the ticket I have with PlusNet to see if the exchange upgrade has been completed and let you know.

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Re: Slow broadband on the Smallbrook exchange.

I've had better specs, reaching about 2.5-3Mbits during most evenings. However, average is probably about 1.4-1.7Mbits.
My fault is still open with BT and they call every 3-4 days to check status. I've been given various "fix" dates - 10th April, 26th April, June, "summer". Depending on who I speak to I get a different answer! ๐Ÿ˜ž
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