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Slow broadband :(

I have BT standard broadband 10Gig limit Hub 2.0.  About 10 days ago the broadband started dropping out (please note that my next door neighbour had a phone line problem around this time).  After about a day or so the connection was stable so I ran a speed test and received Error #2032 I have consistently received the same error message from this site every day I have also tried to follow BT help with broadband but again this fails when checking connection.  I tried a couple of other speed testers and now average out at D/L 0.24Mb/s U/L 0.4Mb/s (previously D/L about 3Mb/s).  I have tried the following:

Trying more than 1 device

Resetting Hub and unplugging hub for 10 mins

Connecting to hub via Ethernet

Changing filters

Connecting the line to the incoming service port

Disabling antivirus and fire wall

Tried the ‘quiet line’ no noise

I have not disconnected/reset or turned off the hub for over 3 days but the broadband has dropped out so have been connected for 1 day 8 hrs.  Please confirm if there is anything else I can do?  If not what are the next steps.


Hub stats:

Line state


Connection time

1 day, 8:04:44


283 Kbps


444 Kbps

Noise margin (Down/Up)

14.9 dB / 17.8 dB

Line attenuation (Down/Up)

57.0 dB / 30.2 dB

Output power (Down/Up)

0.0 dBm / 13.1 dBm

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Re: Slow broadband :(

Hi Welcome to the community forums

Here is a basic guide to getting help from the community members done by CL Keith Please read through the link posted

once you have posted the information asked for then the community members can help you more

Thank You

This is a customer to customer self help forum the only BT presence here are the forum moderators

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Re: Slow broadband :(

Thanks John.


I have a master socket where I can unscrew the bottom and plug directly into the line.


BT speed test now works results are:

D/L 0.24

U/L 0.32

Ping latency 42.38

Quiet line tests out fine.

Full hub results as follows:

Many thanks...

hub information (hope I've provided all thats required)


Line state                           Connected

Connection time                  1 day,9:00:29

VPI/VCI                              0/38

Type                                  PPPoA

Modulation                          ITU-T G.992.5

Latency type                       Interleaved

Noise margin (Down/Up)       14.8 dB / 18.8 dB

Line attenuation (Down/Up)  57.0 dB / 30.2 dB

Output power (Down/Up)      0.0 dBm / 13.1 dBm

Loss of Framing (Local)         60

Loss of Signal (Local)            113

Loss of Power (Local)           0

FEC Errors (Down/Up)          1169081 / 4294967259

CRC Errors (Down/Up)          550 / N/A

HEC Errors (Down/Up)          N/A/0

Error Seconds (Local)             848


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Re: Slow broadband :(

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