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Slow fibre upload speed

Hi everyone,

I’m currently on Fibre 1 with a download range of 20-38Mb and upload range 5-7Mb.

A year ago I was getting 28Mb and upload around 4Mb. Gradually it’s gone down and down over the last year, now I get approx 15-18Mb download and 0.7Mb upload if I’m lucky. Not great on fibre I would suspect. I’ve had BT engineers out a few months ago and they said as I’m 800m from the exchange my speeds are to be expected, but they couldn’t explain why a year ago it was much better.

Obviously at the current time I don’t want to unnecessarily have an engineer come out, as this is not urgent by any means. I just wondered if there’s anything I can do at this end with settings etc, or should I be expecting an upload speed so low?

Any help appreciated.


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