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Slow ping!

I got BT Infinity on the The of December 2011, and the ping was a good 14 to 15ms Gr8!   Then gradually worked its way up to 45+ms, I read up about it and came to the conclusion that the interleaving was enabled on my line and read that I need to ask for a fast profile on my line... So after 2 hours talking to numerous people at bt I got the interleaving disabled (fast profile)... And the ping steadied out round 20ms (over 48 hours)  but now the ping has shot up to 40ms which has affected the online games i play... so just been on the phone to bt (lots of people) and just told me that within the next 2 days, she assured me, that the interleaving will be disabled... now then... i have just been reading the posts on this forum saying that interleaving can not be disabled....  SO, HAVE I JUST BEEN DIDDLED OR WHAT!!!  theres 2 lines to my house and im on BT Infinity and the other 1 is connected to skybroadband (not fibre) and I have a ping of 40ms and that line has a ping of 33ms..... This is not good BT.... I will update this post in a few days to let people know if my ping is restored.. 

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