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Slow speed down to extension alarm cable?

I have been getting 1.6meg broadband for a year but now I'm getting .4meg. I have had BT out who have reset my connection and for a day it stays at 1.6 then drops to .4meg. They have suggested it could be the wired extension as it is using alarm cable not BT cable. I have checked speeds from the test socket and there is no drop in speed compared to the extension? Should I get the extension re wired or see if it could be the router giving the fault? The lad who wired the extension told be that the alarm wire would be better than BT's cable. Is this so? Any advice would be grt!!
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Re: Slow speed down to extension alarm cable?

What are your ADSL stats when plugged into the "test" socke behind the master socket?


Then can you display the same information when plugged into your extension please.



ADSL Statistics

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