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Slow speeds since line outage

My phone line went down last week I was unable to use any of the services, phone,BB & vision, today I did a speedtest as I thought I was getting a slower speed than when the line went down and it seems to be the case, I tried to use the BT speedtest but nothing would happen so I used and my download speed was just over 7Mb and the upload was just over 1Mb.

The last test I did using the BT speedtest showed a download of around 37Mb and an upload of around 9MbBT speedtest.jpg Download speedachieved during the test was - 7.33 Mbps
 For your connection, the acceptable range of speedsis 12 Mbps-8.52 Mbps .
 Additional Information:
 IP Profile for your line is - 8.52 Mbps


I have no idea what the engineer did but I am not happy with this massive drop in speed and this has gone back to before the line from the pole to the home was changed about 2 years ago when because the old line was old it couldn't handle more than 2Mb speeds


IMO the speed is now non infinity, it took an underground engineer to fix the fault as that is where the fault was.

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Re: Slow speeds since line outage

There is stoll a fault. You need an engineer out.

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Re: Slow speeds since line outage

That's what I was thinking so emailed them when I got through the BT further test it showed my line to me able to cope with 12Mb maximum this is what it said the other year until the engineer replaced the line I also remember that the engineer went up the pole as well and was there for a good 10 minutes so if there was anything he could do there to alter the speed then that might be it.
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