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Re: Slow wireless speed with PS3

Hi i had same problem, i get 11.6MB on laptop on homehub 3 but on ps3 was about 700kbs.

What you need to do is download bt desktop help,this will include the hub manager program.

*1  open BT desktop help

*2 on home page click "view my network. this takes a couple of minutes.

*3 double click homehub3 icon. wait for the "i want too"on left pane load

*4 click Device Management, a new window will open the bt homehub manager.

*5 click settings

*6 click Wireless

*7 change and apply channel selection.   I found that channel 7 worked best with both laptop and ps3 (i got bored of checking 8 upwards..

I now get around 4-7mb on ps3 laptop is the same as it was.

no online gaming requires any more than this, updates on ps3 have always been slow 1.5mb a second is about the norm.

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Re: Slow wireless speed with PS3

Ive had infinity installed for about a month now getting 37mb dowload speeds and have a PS3 fat 40gb.


There are 2 issues here, the homehub3 is a poor piece of equipment as is the wireless function in the PS3.  With the homehub 3 i was getting poor wireless speeds all around the house with the PS3 achieving 3mb.


I switched the homehub3 for a netgear router, wireless range issues resolved, however PS3 still only gets 8mb just one floor above the router. PS3 gets about 20mb when checked next to the router and my laptop, iphone and ipad all achieve full speed when the speed test is performed right next to the PS3 in the upstairs floor.


This pretty much proves the issue is the PS3, ive tried all the channel changing as well with no improvement.


Home plugs are the way forward, need to get myself some ordered.



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Re: Slow wireless speed with PS3

Phat PS3 have problems with all wireless n routers not just the HH3, set the HH3 to g and the problem goes away. The slim is ok with n router but as it's a g device you are not going to see much more than 20mbit over wireless.
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Re: Slow wireless speed with PS3

It's pointless having anything over 10 really, won't hinder things like iPlayer, netflix or lovefilm even in HD. Games won't run any better.

Only benefit is if you do lots of downloading from the PS store. For me I don't so it doesn't bother me that it "only gets 14meg". It works for what I want it to do 🙂
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