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Re: Slower Broadband after Firmware SG4B1000E040

Thats OK forums aren't the best way to communicate.

I think ignoring firmware put simply I'm not getting the speed advertised on my hub stats any longer.. the data speed is always liable to move up and down on the router over the months. But I always got the speed shown as I use wired connection, whether that was 23mb as shown today or 25mb. 

My problem is despite what the data rates show is it seems to be locked and won't now go above a set data rate.

And yes this was since the firmware change, so perhaps the firmware hasn't causes an issue with the line but its caused an issue with me getting the data rate shown over the ethernet ports? 


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Re: Slower Broadband after Firmware SG4B1000E040

I logged a fault call earlier.. not sure if they did something back its now back to normal!


Product name:
BT Hub 6A

Serial number:

Firmware version:

Firmware updated:

Board version:

Gui version:

DSL uptime:
0 Days, 0 Hours 3 Minutes 30 Seconds

Data rate:
5.40 Mbps / 28.75 Mbps

Maximum data rate:
5398 / 29365

Noise margin:
6.2 dB / 3.2 dB

Line attenuation:
63.6 dB

Signal attenuation:
50.7 dB / 63.4 dB



Latency type:
Fast Path

Data sent / received:
682 kB Uploaded / 2 MB Downloaded

Broadband username:

BT Wi-fi:


MAC address:

Software variant:

Boot loader:

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Re: Slower Broadband after Firmware SG4B1000E040



I have the same problem that after the firmware upgrade the speed has dropped by 4MB, and the attenuation on the line increased by about 15db. Can you please tell me where did you complain to ? Broadband fault or line fault ?

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Re: Slower Broadband after Firmware SG4B1000E040


Oh ok is it behind the top bit perhaps then? The bottom bit if I take it off just has a socket for a phone not an RJ11 which my broadband uses.




you may want to edit the photo/post as the photo contains a landline number which I am assuming is yours and this is an open forum. 

Kind Regards
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Re: Slower Broadband after Firmware SG4B1000E040

Hi - I just clicked on the Test Broadband link via the router, then chose the option to log a fault for slow broadband. 

Whether anything was changed or the router just "sorted itself" out following the firmware upgrade I couldn't say. The ticket hasn't been marked as resolved yet.

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Re: Slower Broadband after Firmware SG4B1000E040

I must say I have received similar experience recently. My case:

I had 55/7 Mbps (by router Connection page). Actual speed was high 40's by 6+ (Speedtest.Net). The connection has been rock stable for maybe second year in a row.

Suddenly, first, disconnections began. When you're working from home, it's not a nice thing. So 8 or 10 disconnections. The speed dropped a bit, to 40/7. 
Nothing  has changed in wiring, I didn't touch the sockets and wires.

Then second, overnight, new firmware arrived, SG4B1000E040 with installation date 1-Nov-2020.

With it, speed synchronized became 6.40/5.00. Real speed is now about 5.4 / 4 by Work became really difficult due to endless waiting for things to download.

VDSL available link speed is about 38k/8k. I am slowed down artificially by a BT limits.

My attenuation is now stronger by 10+ dB.

Router reboots did not help.

I raised the fault for frequent disconnections and slow internet.

Diag page:

Product name: BT Hub 6A
Serial number: +084316+NQ64289394
Firmware version: SG4B1000E040
Firmware updated: 01-Nov-2020
Board version: 1.0
Gui version: 1.115.0
DSL uptime: 0 Days, 0 Hours 38 Minutes 9 Seconds
Data rate: 5.00 Mbps / 6.40 Mbps
Maximum data rate: 8407 / 38377
Noise margin: 8.8 dB / 21.7 dB
Line attenuation: 55.6 dB
Signal attenuation: 41.2 dB / 55.8 dB
VPI / VCI: 0/38
Modulation: G_993_2_ANNEX_B
Latency type: Fast Path
Data sent / received: 523 kB Uploaded / 4 MB Downloaded
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Re: Slower Broadband after Firmware SG4B1000E040

@EastExpert  Your noise margin would indicate a possible  line problem, best to start your own thread.

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Re: Slower Broadband after Firmware SG4B1000E040

Agreed, only thing why I decided to chime in, is nothing happened inside my house, only firmware change.

But, I am ready to admit that "after is not due to". So I'll see what happens tomorrow when engineer comes. Then probably start own thread as you advice, if it continues. 

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Re: Slower Broadband after Firmware SG4B1000E040

"After" was obviously not "due to" as you had a problem before as you admitted and have shown. TBH your post added nothing of value to the thread.

Let us know how you get on tomorrow in a post of your own.

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