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Slower speed than speed test says?!?

Hello, I have become fed up with my internet service after the many months. I tried to switch to virgin media but sadly I live down a long lane with only 4 houses and they won't dig a cable all the way. So I'm stuck with BT. Recently and many times I do speed tests which tell me I have more than 11mbs download speed and 0.2mbs upload... But when ever I download something I always get under 1mbs?!?! I had plusnet and all come to my house to run tests but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help me make my wifi a whole lot better?!?! I want those 11mbs download! (I'm with Plusnet but they rent BT lines I guess... And I pay for fiber but the fiber is like miles away from my house and the cable only runs like less that half a mile only to a stupid pub....)(my lane is on copper)
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Re: Slower speed than speed test says?!?

Are you sure you are not getting your Bytes and bits mixed up -


check this his help which explains

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Re: Slower speed than speed test says?!?

if you are a Plusnet customer no one here can help you you need to use Plusnets own forum
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