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Slower speeds after contract renew? 10mb+ drop

Ok so previously my speed on infinity 2 was 42+down and 9-12up this was constant for almost 2 years. (my previous tests will show this)


I chose to renew my contract last week and after the day the new contract started my connection dropped a few times and is now at the following: 



I have tried talking to the indian "tech" team and they gave no assistance whatsoever apart from copy paste answers and the resuts showing the 31mb speed minimum, which is over 10mb lower than what i was getting previously.


There was also a massive issue i had on my line which took months to work out that i had been put on a 40mb line rather than a 80mb line which has a slowe base speed and the speeds i am currently getting consists of the infinity 1 option.


Even when i was renewing my contract i was told i would get 36mb minimum with infinity 2.


Nothing has changed on my end atall, all wired network and ive checked it top to bottom and is all fine. 


It was the forum guys who helped me out last time and if you check my information you will see what happened last time, i would appreciate some help from you guys again since i cant seem to get it from anyone else apart from copy paste answes.




And here is the helpdesk info for trhe router: 


Information for Helpdesk agents
When contacting the BT Broadband helpdesk, the agent might ask you for details about your BT Home Hub. This page contains all of the information they are likely to request.
1. Product name:BT Home Hub
2. Serial number:+068343+NQ40135939
3. Firmware version:Software version (Type A) Last updated 23/02/16
4. Board version:BT Hub 5A
5. DSL uptime:3 days, 14:34:30
6. Data rate:8812 / 39167
7. Maximum data rate:9161 / 48525
8. Noise margin:6.2 / 7.1
9. Line attenuation:29.0 / 22.7
10. Signal attenuation:28.5 / 21.4
11. Data sent/received:8.1 GB / 116.1 GB
12. Broadband
13. BT Wi-fi:Yes
14. 2.4 GHz Wireless network/SSID:Home_2GHZ
15. 2.4 GHz Wireless connections:Enabled (802.11 b/g/n (up to 300 Mb/s))
16. 2.4 GHz Wireless security:WPA2
17. 2.4 GHz Wireless channel:Automatic (Smart Wireless)
18. 5 GHz Wireless network/SSID:Home_5GHZ
19. 5 GHz Wireless connections:Enabled (802.11 a/n/ac (up to 1300 Mb/s))
20. 5 GHz Wireless security:WPA2
21. 5 GHz Wireless channel:Automatic (Smart Wireless)
22. Firewall:Default
23. MAC Address:34:8a:ae:87:e8:9c
24. Modulation:G.993.2 Annex B
25. Software variant:AA
26. Boot loader:1.0.0


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Re: Slower speeds after contract renew? 10mb+ drop

Also to mention when i got this line isntalled to my house 2 and a half years ago i was told i would get a minimum of 40mb, which i did, on renewal (last weekl) i was told 36, and the indian tech dpt (today) told me 31mb so what is going on....

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