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Smart Hub 2 Disc Problem - Light won't change from Purple

I've had the Smart Hub 2 (with 1 disc) for about 8 months now and have generally been pretty happy with it - more reliable, better coverage, faster etc. We live in an old solid house and the coverage on the top floor was pretty ropey so ordered a new disc from BT. That arrived a while ago but i didn't get around to trying to install it until yesterday.

I first tried using the BT App to install it but it wouldn't pair so did the pairing via connecting the disc and the hub via the ethernet cable. All the lights worked as expected but when i went to put the disc in its planned position there was poor coverage and in a spot the App told me would be excellent - grrrr.

Anyhow, i stuffed around a bit trying different places, plugging and unplugging etc and at one point the disc never came out of its purple starting up state. It normally starts purple then flashing red then blue or orange. I tried again, still purple, then did a factory reset for a second and it still stayed purple. Then started looking on the internet and in these forums and various people said do the factory reset for 10 seconds or 30 seconds. Did more research and saw the disc might be doing a firmware upgrade that should last no more than 20-30 minutes tops. Waited. Reset a few more times. Then waited overnight. Have restarted the hub, returned the hub to factory settings, powered on an off multiple times and nothing i can do will stop the disc starting on purple and staying on purple. Have read every BT page I can find and tried every diagnostic tool i can find. Nothing but permanent purple.

Anyone got an ideas apart from calling BT and returning the disc?


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