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Re: Smart Hub 2 Firmware

@Kian I never know when my SmartHub is going to reboot as it doesn’t stick to any schedule. It often goes 5 or 6 weeks before a reboot and that is sometimes only because of an interruption to the power. My original SmartHub (HomeHub 6) used to reboot every 14 days on the dot.

No doubt I’ll get the update at some point 🙂

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Re: Smart Hub 2 Firmware


@Paul_31  I spoke to BT the other day about firmware updates and all they said was "When the router reboots on it's cycle, if there is any update then it will pick it up automatically"

That is as much as I got from speaking to BT directly.

I received v0.16.02.08304-BT on the 20th Dec. I would have thought though that not every update is for general release or it may be a phased release. I don't think you're missing much to be honest.

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Re: Smart Hub 2 Firmware

@Paul_31 the SmartHub 2 is a bit weird as I know a few people with it and all seem to act different, Myself and couple of other people I know who use the SH2 the router reboots every 14 days on schedule and then couple of other people I know who also have the SH2 the router seems to reboot randomly with no schedule, we all have the same router and on the exact same firmware version. 🤣 🤣

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Re: Smart Hub 2 Firmware

When I spoke to BT they said everyone with SH2 will get the version 16 update and as mentioned in my other post Quoting BT "when the router reboots it will pick any updates up" BT would not give any other information on it.
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Re: Smart Hub 2 Firmware

Just though would come on and update the status of my post.

Router and Disc now on the latest Firmware.

Firmware updated: 2 Jan 20

Router Firmware: v0.16.02.08304-BT

Disc Firmware:

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Re: Smart Hub 2 Firmware

@Kian No update for me yet, but hopefully I’m moving up the queue. 

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Re: Smart Hub 2 Firmware

No firmware update here:- Still on the previous version.

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Re: Smart Hub 2 Firmware

@Paul_31  My router did the normal 14 day reboot couple of days ago and there was no update but then yesterday the router just rebooted randomly and the updated firmware was there 🙂

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Re: Smart Hub 2 Firmware

Looks like I got the update overnight. No obvious changes (that I've spotted). Hope it doesn't break anything 😊

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Re: Smart Hub 2 Firmware

have been informed that a new update has been pushed to address Full900 package issues, I am running:

Firmware updated:

Anyone got anything newer?
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