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Smart Hub 2 Upgrade Question

This week I've renewed my broadband contract from Fibre 100 with Halo 1 to the Halo 3+ plan , as a result of a conversation about improving wifi coverage in the home.

I was informed by BT during the renewal process, that I would receive a BT WiFi disc and  Hybrid Connect device which I would simply connect to my existing Smart Hub 1 and the Smart Hub 1 would upgrade it's firmware. This was attractive as a) It's the same price as my existing plan and b) I didn't want to go through the process of reconnection 20+ wifi devices to a new router.

The equipment arrived today but  the package also included a BT Smart Hub 2.

Question 1: Was the conversation about connecting the BT WiFi disc (a black one btw) and the Hybrid Connector to a Smart Hub 1 accurate?

Question 2: If I do have to install the Smart Hub 2, will renaming the SSID and the password to that of the Smart Hub 1 enable all the existing devices to connect as if 'nothing has happened'?

Any insight would be appreciated.


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Re: Smart Hub 2 Upgrade Question


You will need to use the Smart Hub 2, and yes, you can change the SSID and password to match your existing home hub, and all devices should work as before.

Remember to turn off Smart Setup, as that can cause issues with some devices.


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Re: Smart Hub 2 Upgrade Question

Thanks @Keith_Beddoe , really appreciate the quick response.

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